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Established in 2004, HL Welding, Inc. is a contract employment agency delivering tradesmen of the highest level of quality and reliability right to your project site. Our work culture puts responsiveness and safety as our number one priority. Our work culture makes responsiveness and safety our number one priority. This is what makes us the right choice:

Henry Le
Henry Le President and Founder
Henry Le began his career as a craft welder working at facilities throughout the nation. After many years of experience working in countless facilities, Mr. Le identified a national need for reliable, safe and quality craftsmen. In 2004, with twenty of his fellow welders, he established HL Welding as a contract based employment agency with the mission to deliver skilled craftsmen of the highest level of quality and reliability right to a project site.
Hoa Vu (Steven)
Hoa Vu (Steven)Vice President
Hoa Vu (Steven) joined HL Welding as an experienced personnel manager. Mr. Vu has nearly 30 years of experience in the Marine industry and has worked as a skilled craftsmen in dozens of shipyards across the nation. Mr. Vu also has extensive experience as a personnel coordinator responsible for hundreds of workers, managing tasks such as: recruiting, relocating, onboarding, training, safety and performance reviews.

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